Sri Vedanta Desikan (–) was a Sri Vaishnava guru/philosopher and one of the most Hayagriva Stotram: a hymn on Lord Hayagriva, the Lord of Learning, who bestows real knowledge to the reciter, banishing Tamil works: Swami Desikan’s Works in Tamil are numerous, out of which two need special mention. Swami desika’s tamil prabandhams. Each sloka explains the purport of each chapter and there are 18 slokas in this desika has also blessed us . 23 Apr The name ” Nyasa Tilaka” has been given to this stotra by Desika himself, works in four lanuages, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Tamil, and Manipravala.

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Prapatthi performed by the chEtanams is also a Yaagam. MukundaashTakam clearly says this: His color is like the honey laden pollen of the lotus flower. Views Read Edit View history. Brahmins should NOT wear the Pundram in stotrxm horizontal mode even playfully but should wear only in the upward mode and that one who wears any sacred mark horizontally tiryak are indeed fallen souls.

At that time, the blood from the heart of Hiranyan gushed forth and covered the hands of the Lord and gave them the red hue of the sun at dusk. I meditate on the Bala Mukunda who lying on banyan leaf, holds His toe with His hand and puts it into His mouth? The accursed gods resorted to You and regained their prosperity, which became permanent in all aspects.

This is an example of how over -enthusiastic fanatics could blow up even insignificant and inconsequential distinctions to abnormal proportions. May Thou with Your sideglances — that are like a flood of rejuvenating nectar– cool me for a second.


The aarambham beginning was from the clouds and the continuation kluptham was by the Elephants. When Desika turned seven, Kidambi Appullar accepted Venkatanaatha as his disciple, and taught him arts, sciences and scriptures. The VedAs, Nitya Suris and ever-liberated souls watch this game.

I cannot think of any. It was a hopeless situation. Your slender form bright like molten gold shines to advantage in association with Lord Hari, the Emerald.

Sri Desika Stotras with Meaning

In Sri Vaishnavism, a Thanian is a laudatory dedication in verse composed about an acharya by another acharya who is the subject’s pupil and someone whom the subject greatly admired. The name ” Nyasa Tilaka” has been given to this stotra by Desika himself, as can be seenfrom the last sloka where he speaks of spurad – varnam – vaktra -Nyasatilakam, with an obvious pun on words.

I wait upon Your lotus feet. One can indeed visualize it as an ocean of Bliss. Such is Your glory and that is why adiyEn performs this Prapatthi to You.

The Stotra, after the first two verses which are invocatory, begins, with Sree Prapatthi slokas 3 and 4 even as Saranagathi Gadyam does.

Your waist is slender sttoram a creeper tanvee ; it is slightly bent nathA due to the weight of Your breasts tunga sthana bhara. This is only for a constant reminder of adorning the feet of Divyadhamapathis on one?

Your avathAra ThirumEnis make their appearances udhayai: Oh the DEvi desik the DevadEvan! Paramathabhangam, where he describes and refutes 15 schools of philosophy, and Aharaniyamam where he describes the correct types food to be consumed by a Vaishnava.

Vedanta Desika

Therefore, adiyEn is also going to be blessed by You. Desika showed his knowledge of the arts and sciences through other works Silpartha-sarama guide on sculpting, and Bhugola-nirnayam — a research text on the formation of stotramm earth.


Oh Divine Consort of our Lord! He holds in desiika golden hands the five weapons AimpaDai for protecting us? The Vazhi thirunamam with the English Transliteration is as following:. They are intended to ensure that these temples and the practices as established by the acharyas and desikans will be followed for ever. Appaya Dikshitar, the great mediaeval scholar appreciated Desika by composing a verse in Sanskrit:. Swami describes the Lord facing west.

In this, Swami gives some more details like, Name of the deity form, color, weapons, direction faced, and the spot on which the respective marks are to be applied on stptram body. Twelve years later, General Gopanna of the Vijaya Nagara empire, defeated the invaders and restored the city of Sri Rangam to its previous glory.

His abode is on the middle of the tummy and is on the west, It is He who published the Vedas aaraNa nool. When the sentient beings dEhina: He wields four red hot thunderbolts vajraayudham.

The key passage of this slOkam is: He was the disciple of Kidambi Appullar, also known as Aathreya Ramanujachariar, who himself was of a master-disciple lineage that began with Ramanuja. In the current stotram, he praises this aspect of bhagavAn and seeks His protection.